How to Change Company Secretary?


1.      Can I change my company secretary anytime?

  • Yes it's the board of directors' power to change the company secretary anytime

2.      What are the steps for change of company secretary?

  • First of all you have to look for a qualified person to replace the exiting company secretary
  • Secondly, ask the new or exiting company secretary to prepare the relevant documents

3.      Why you want to change your exiting company secretary?

  • He/ She tooks too long to get a document done or long lead time
  • He/ She is not capable in giving advices on company matters
  • He/ She not informing you early on certain deadline of certain documents to be submit to CCM
  • He/ She giving unprofessional or unethical services
  • Pricing unreasonably high and with lots of hidden charges
  • Couldn't or difficult to contact him/her from time to time
  • He/ She not specialised in company secretarial matters

4.      What are the document needed to change your exiting company secretary?

  • We need the latest Form 49 and Form 44 to prepare relevant documents

5.      How long to change your exiting company secretary?

  • We will only need a day to get everthing done

Click here and fill up the Form to change your company secretary!!!


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