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Company registration details
Atleast 2 Director Needed to form a company in Malaysia
Director 2 Particular
Director 3 Particular
Atleast 2 Share Holders needed to form a company at Malaysia. Can be same person as Director
ShareHolder's Particular's 1
ShareHolder's Particular's 2
ShareHolder's Particular's 3


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HL Wong & Co Sdn Bhd

(Co: 722686-W)

Office Tel:



Office h/p:

03-4131 8860

03-4131 8865

03-4131 8836

016-209 4198



Person in charge
1. Name: HL WONG
H/P No: 016-322 5939
2. Name:

Mr Steven           

H/P No:

016-209 4198

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Name HL Wong Sdn Bhd
Account information
Name: HL WONG & CO S/B
PBB No: 3136460321
Swift code: PBBEMYKL
MBB No: 514066133665
Swift code: MBBEMYKL
IT Dept
IT Dept: